Ready Mix Sales

     Please contact our professional dispatchers if you would like to place a concrete order. We will need to know who, where, when, what and how much.

Please be prepared with an accurate delivery address, date and time of delivery, quantity and mix design. Our office staff is available to recommend a mix design that is suitable for your particular application. We will also be glad to give you pricing information or calculate a total price for your project.

Concrete is sold and priced by the cubic yard, in one-quarter yard increments. We will not batch less than one cubic yard, as smaller batches are sometimes less consistent. A link to a concrete calculator is provided on this page to help you determine the amount of concrete you will need for your project. It is common to add ten or fifteen percent to small loads and five to ten percent to larger orders to compensate for subgrade settlement, uneven subgrade, spillage and waste. Although we will help you with an estimate of how much concrete you need, we cannot be responsible for the amount ordered, be it too much or too little, due to the particular conditions that exist at your jobsite.

Concrete is a perishable material so it is imperative that it be placed and finished in a timely manner. Also, keep in mind that concrete trucks loaded with ready mix are extremely heavy. Suitable roadways or approaches to points of delivery must be provided when concrete is to be delivered in places other than on paved streets.

We will not send out concrete until we have talked with you on the day of delivery, so call early to confirm your purchase on the day you are scheduled to receive your concrete. Unless you are an established customer, payment is expected before the truck(s) unloads your concrete.